“In each drop of sap resides the potential of the entire tree”

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The System

Embracing a tree is like embracing life and all that is connected with it. Every tree, like every personal or professional endeavour, finds its origins in a seed. A seed like the hundreds that the tree will produce over its lifetime, is endowed with a clear and precise instruction as to what they will become once they come to fruition. The seed, or the endeavour, will come to be when ‘the system’, the environment and all its other elements are in perfect harmony and in the right order.

Costellazioni familiari - Lucia Petroni

Lucia Petroni

Through an intense and invigorating personal and professional journey, working within corporate and holistic sectors and developing my knowledge with leading professionals including Bert Hellinger, Brian Weiss, Michel Montaud, I realised that the potential to grow and the success of any endeavour is completely dependent and interrelated with all the elements of one’s system. Without these elements, one cannot become fully aware.

Costellazioni familiari - Lucia Petroni

Counselling & Constellations

This vision of helping individuals and companies, in Italy and overseas, led me to work as a holistic counsellor in Systemic Family, Organisational and Regressive Constellations for over 10 years. I work with a focus on the relationship between events and people, past and present, in order to develop awareness and overcome personal and professional obstacles and limitations.

Costellazioni familiari - Lucia Petroni

Movement of the Soul

The Movement of our Soul has a direct influence on each of us and our endeavours, thanks to our unique histories and personal destinies. It is controlled by an undetectable natural order influenced by our family systems, that only the soul can fully comprehend and steer. Only by understanding the language of the Soul, can we restore deep awareness and balance.